My Internship at Lumière Business Solutions.

During the winter break this past year, I was given the opportunity of working with a consulting firm, Lumière Business Solutions (headquartered in Mumbai, India), on a plethora of projects and studies.

Frozen Foods Analysis.

The following is an analysis that I wrote upon completion of my internship at Lumière Business Solutions.


Sitting in the heart

Of this pelagic expanse of red roses,

Fragments of my imagination

Waft towards the thought of you.


A drop instigating the heart’s ardour,

A drop straight from the sky.

Not of the rain of monotony,

Or the rain trickling down the naked eye.


Running for so long

But they always caught up

Pulling her back

Telling her she had a chance

One more chance to thrive- an encore,

But she wanted no more.